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EverThrive IL is supporting along with partners for the passage of HB3895 - The Happy Healthy Babies Bill in Springfield this spring. This bill will set up a state-funded diaper allowance to support struggling families living in deep poverty. By helping to provide one of life's earliest essential needs, HB3895 aims to promote the health and well-being of all families, prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis A, and increase early education and care participation. 

The Responsible Budget Coalition has released this new factsheet in response to the ongoing budget crisis in Illinois. The state needs a fair and fully funded budget now, with increased revenue and appropriate support of our social service safety net. Read the full report:

EverThrive IL is partnering this spring with Chicago Coalition for the Homeless on HB3709 - Removing Barriers to Counseling Services for At-Risk Youth. This bill increases the access to mental health services for Illinois youth and allows providers to use their best judgement when continuing to serve these individuals. 

Today, the U.S House of Representatives voted 217-213 to approve the American Health Care Act, which repeals portions of the Affordable Care Act and fundamentally, permanently, and devastatingly alters the Medicaid program. EverThrive Illinois is deeply disappointed by this action, including the decision of the seven GOP members from the Illinois Congressional Delegation to support this bill.

The AHCA, should it be approved by the Senate, will have a particularly drastic and negative impact on women and children in Illinois and across the country:


Find a full overview of state and federal policy below from EverThrive IL Policy Director, Nadeen Isreal. For additional policy news and updates, check out the Policy corner or sign up for our action network. 


Thursday, May 4

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