Policy News

Two-thirds of Illinois voters marked “Yes” for insurance coverage of birth control on Tuesday’s ballot. "Illinois voters sent an overwhelming and resounding message when it comes to birth control coverage in health insurance… It’s not your boss’ business!" Read Planned Parenthood Illinois Action’s press release here.

Illinois voters have approved a non-binding ballot question on raising the minimum wage. The advisory referendum asked whether the state should raise its minimum wage to $10 from $8.25 by 2015. We will have to stay tuned to see if the new Governor, Bruce Rauner and our elected officials in Springfield take action to raise the minimum wage. Read the full article here.

This week’s Supreme Court decision in the Hobby Lobby case was a step back for women’s health across the country. As a boss, I firmly believe that a woman’s health care decisions should be made in the doctor’s office and not in the workplace or courtroom.