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In case you missed it - EverThrive IL Policy Director Nadeen Israel provides an overview of the measures that ended Illinois' two-year state budget impasse, and looks to the future of where the state is headed.


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The Illinois General Assembly passes a state budget after a two year impasse, while advocates continue to defend against the latest attacks on the ACA and Medicaid. Find all this and more in the July Policy Update.

State Policy Update

Federal Policy Update



State Budget Update: 

The end of the state legislative session brings about a number of budget and programmatic bills of interest, and the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs responds to the Trump Administration budget. 



Budget Update:

EverThrive IL is supporting along with partners for the passage of HB3895 - The Happy Healthy Babies Bill in Springfield this spring. This bill will set up a state-funded diaper allowance to support struggling families living in deep poverty. By helping to provide one of life's earliest essential needs, HB3895 aims to promote the health and well-being of all families, prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis A, and increase early education and care participation. 

The Responsible Budget Coalition has released this new factsheet in response to the ongoing budget crisis in Illinois. The state needs a fair and fully funded budget now, with increased revenue and appropriate support of our social service safety net. Read the full report: