Track C

Place-Based Interventions to Promote Child and Community Health: Program and System-Level Lessons Learned

Dan Schober, PhD, MPH , Program Evaluator & Founder, Informed Community Health (and DePaul University)
May Tsupros, Executive Director & Co-Founder, Gardeneers
Katie Harr, Consultant, Greater Good Studio

This presentation will explore place-based interventions that promote health among children, youth, and the community. It will use Every Hour Counts’ Measurement Framework, which promotes system, program, and youth-level objectives. One project will focus on the Gardeneers – a place-based intervention that teaches children about the process of growing food. The second will discuss, Raising Places, an initiative that engages leaders from “better communities” networks (e.g., community development) with “better childhoods” networks (e.g., early childhood education) to build healthier communities. The third will examine an after-school program in East St. Louis that promotes health/well-being for youth during out-of-school time.