Track B

The Partnership for Resilience - Integrating Education and Health to Create a Trauma-Informed, Family-focused System in the Southern Suburbs

Dalyn Drown, M.Ed., Principal, Burr Oak School and Burr Oak Academy, Calumet School District 132
Brenda Bannor, M.Ed, Partner, Millennia Consulting LLC

The Partnership for Resilience (PfR) is a 501c3 dedicated to transforming and integrating education, health care and community organizations to create a trauma-informed, family-focused system that measurably improves academic, health, and social outcomes for children in Cook County’s southern suburbs. An educator and a health consultant will share the journey that the PfR health team and its school and community partners have taken over the past two years to impact the health and educational performance of students. They will share the basic assumptions underlying their health work, the accomplishments and challenges faced in moving forward the initiative, and lessons learned.