Spring Legislative Priority - HB3895

EverThrive IL is supporting along with partners for the passage of HB3895 - The Happy Healthy Babies Bill in Springfield this spring. This bill will set up a state-funded diaper allowance to support struggling families living in deep poverty. By helping to provide one of life's earliest essential needs, HB3895 aims to promote the health and well-being of all families, prevent the spread of diseases like hepatitis A, and increase early education and care participation. 

Consumer Spotlight - April's Story 

April is a hard-working mom from Benton, Illinois where she lives with her partner and their children, two of whom are young children still in diapers. April has been unemployed for
the past 7 months and is currently actively looking for work. She and her partner make ends meet through her partner's minimum-wage job and the unemployment benefits April receives; they struggle to make ends meet. The exorbitant cost of diapers represent a significant monthly expense for her family; causing health risks for her entire family, and creating additional stress for both parents. April already has to decide between food for
her family, putting gas in the car to make it to her next interview, or diapers. The ways she coped when she is low on diapers include: using the diaper for too long of a period of time, which led her child to have diarrhea; borrowing money for diapers from family and friends; and putting off paying other bills (which then accumulate interest) in order to buy diapers. April is worried that one of her children may have MRSA/Staph infection from having diapers on for too long. April is constantly stressed, and knows her children deserve

This bill makes a real difference in the lives of struggling parents and their young children. We urge your support of HB3895 in order to keep babies healthy, promote maternal and infant health, and provide the needed support for moms like April to obtain and maintain stable employment and support themselves and their families.


Find out more about HB3895 - The Happy, Healthy Babies Bill (factsheet)

Written Testimony: Subject Matter Hearing - Human Services Appropriations Committee



Thursday, May 11, 2017
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