The American Health Care Act will strip 24 million people of their health insurance, increase premiums by 20%, make devastating cuts to Medicaid, and completely gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions. This bill is not a solution - it puts the health of all communities at risk! Find talking points about the AHCA here.

If we can stop this bill from passing this week, we might be able to take repeal of ACA off the table for good. But only if we give it everything that we have right now.

Here are the three things we hope you can do to help us win this thing once and for all:

1. Call your member of Congress at 1-866-877-3303 and demand that they publicly oppose the American Health Care Act. 

2. Call Gov. Rauner at 312-814-2121 and demand that he publicly oppose the American Health Care Act, which will cost Illinois billions of dollars in Medicaid funding and thousands of jobs.

3. Forward this immediately to 10 friends and family members in Illinois, especially if they live outside of Chicago. You can also share these steps on social media using #ilsaveaca

We have asked a lot of you, but it is only because you are making a difference. Your Member of Congress is crucial in this fight and they need to hear from you again!



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Wednesday, May 3, 2017